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Work Programme 2023-2025


The GEO Work Programme is the primary instrument to encourage collaboration among GEO’s members, participating organizations, associates, and other partners. It aims to fulfill GEO's mission and vision by addressing information needs in various fields where Earth observations play a crucial role.

Teams consisting of researchers, technical experts, policy analysts, and representatives from the commercial sector work together to develop applications, products, and services that utilize Earth observations. These resources are designed to support decision-making processes for specific groups of users.

The GEO Work Programme activities are primarily funded through contributions of resources and expertise from GEO members, participating organizations, and associates. Financial contributions are also accepted when available. Additionally, some activities, known as GEO Foundational Tasks, receive support from the GEO Secretariat through resources provided by GEO members to the GEO Trust Fund.

Each GEO Work Programme covers a fixed three-year period. The GEO Work Programme 2023–2025 was approved by the GEO-18 Plenary in Ghana on 3 November 2022.

Download the GEO Work Programme 2023–2025 Summary Document, which contains short descriptions of each of the GEO Flagships, Initiatives, Pilot Initiatives and Regional GEOs that comprise the GEO Work Programme.

Full implementation Plan of each of the activities are available by clicking on the links below.



The activities that comprise the GEO Work Programme are conceived, planned, and implemented by teams of researchers, technical experts, policy analysts, commercial sector representatives, and many other stakeholders to address information needs in particular domains for which Earth observations are critical. In most of these activities, the teams work to develop Earth observation-based applications, products, and services to support decisions as identified together with the intended users.