At GEO, we serve as a collaborative platform where science, policy, and community interests unite for the greater good.

  • Enhanced coordination:

    Building on our unique role to lead the development of integrated Earth Observation (EO) solutions, we focus on coordination from global to local levels, sharing beneficial practices and building capacity.

  • Broad engagement:

    We actively engage with youth, indigenous communities, women, and other groups to amplify voices who's potential to contribute to Earth Observation solutions has not yet been fully realized.

  • Transformative programmes:

    Our strategic work programme activities generate high-added value towards policy goals, support sustained services for decision-making, build capacity, and advance equity.

  • Inclusivity:

    We are committed to increasing engagement and building capacity, especially in the global South. There is a call to fully address and embed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) principles in all GEO undertakings.