GEO Land Degradation Neutrality

GEO Land Degradation Neutrality

The Challenge

Healthy land is necessary for life on Earth. Currently, 25 percent of the world's land is degraded. There is strong global support to stop land degradation, but this will require the ability to map and measure land degradation at the national level across all land types. Without this information, investments, policies, and interventions will be ineffective.

The Solution

The GEO-Land Degradation Neutrality (GEO-LDN) Initiative aims to improve land degradation measurement and mapping while also contributing to land degradation neutrality (LDN). GEO-LDN does this through three key services: facilitating access to space-based information and in-situ measurements; providing expertise, tools, and training to build national capacities; and assisting with the further development of international standards and protocols for the indicator.

Policy Drivers

LDN is measured through SDG 15 Life on Land, specifically indicator 15.3.1, proportion of land that is degraded over total land area. GEO-LDN developed the reporting framework for SDG indicator 15.3.1.

How We Work

GEO-LDN’s core day-to-day leadership group consists of three co-chairs, co-leads of the three GEO-LDN working groups, the GEO Focal Point at UNCCD, and a GEO Secretariat staff member. The group is spread around the globe (Africa, Australia, USA, Europe). Starting in mid-2022, GIZ in Bonn, Germany began hosting a GEO-LDN Secretariat with a team leader, three advisors, and administrative staff.

The Steering Committee consists of the leadership group plus GEO-LDN principals. It has an advisory function and aims at yearly in-person meetings to guide the creation of updated work plans and overall strategic advice for the initiative.

There are three GEO-LDN working groups (WG): WG 1 on Capacity Development, WG2 on Data Quality Standards, and WG 3 on Data Analytics. Each working group is led by a co-lead and one of the GEO-LDN co-chairs. The working groups are the main bodies for implementing activities. Almost all GEO-LDN members are assigned to at least one working group.


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