GEO Capacity Development Working Group

GEO Capacity Development Working Group


The Capacity Development Working Group (CD-WG) is convened to facilitate GEO’s efforts on capacity development, promoting the principle of co-creation and providing conceptual support to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of capacity development activities at various levels of intervention.

  • Support GEO Flagships, Initiatives and Regional GEOs

  • Develop CD tools and methodologies

  • Collect & share good practices

  • Organize seminars, teleconferences, side-events

  • Implement impact assessments


Are established to run the work of the GEO Capacity Development Working Group:

  • SG1: GEO Capacity Development Subgroup - GEO mapping and needs assessment

    Mapping of GEO WP activities linked to capacity development Understand the needs of the GEO flagships, initiatives and regional GEO’s to strengthen their CD activities (design, implementation, evaluation)

  • SG2: GEO Capacity Development Subgroup - Collecting, sharing and developing CD tools

    Collect, document, and share good practices for capacity development related to Earth observations. Develop, improve, and provide capacity development tools for use by the GEO community.

  • SG3: GEO Capacity Development Subgroup - Organizing dissemination events, M&E and impact assessment

    Organize seminars, teleconferences, side-events and other means for disseminating information related to capacity development for Earth observations Organize and support the planning and implementation of a M&E system and impact assessments for capacity development activities within GEO.

Documents & Resources

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference will remain in effect for the period of the 2023-2025 GEO Work Programme. It may be revised with the approval of the Programme Board

Other Documents


Membership in the Working Group is open to any individual in the GEO community. Participation is encouraged from individuals having training or experience in the development, delivery and/or evaluation of capacity development activities, or are past or potential future participants in capacity development activities.


For more information about the GEO Capacity Development Working Group please contact GEO Secretariat