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Lela Gomersall

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Lela has been working at the GEO Secretariat since April 2023 and is currently an Associate Work Programme Officer at the GEO Secretariat, mainly focused on supporting the Work Programme activities, as well as aiding in the development of GEO’s incubator project, the Global Ecosystems Atlas.

A Bachelor of Science graduate from Durham university, she is particularly interested in the power of earth observations and remote sensing for effective natural resource management and conservation. She completed her thesis around the topic of using remote sensing and machine learning classification to assess the impacts of land cover change on Egypt’s agricultural sector.

Half Egyptian, and half Australian, Lela is passionate about closing the global data knowledge gap and believes that youth involvement in international EO activity is essential. Because of this, she moderated a panel discussion during the Open Data Open Knowledge workshop in 2023 on the topic of youth inclusion in open data infrastructure.

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