AmeriGEO Week 2022 puts the spotlight on human migration
08 Aug 2022

AmeriGEO Week 2022 puts the spotlight on human migration

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Environmental changes are increasingly affecting our economies, societies and population movements. Earth observations are critical for monitoring these changes and informing better decisions to address societal and economic challenges.

AmeriGEO Week 2022 will focus on human migration and its implications, seeking Earth observation solutions to help reduce the impact of climate change on communities, limit health risks and increase access to resources, particularly among disproportionally affected indigenous people.

These Earth observation solutions are more effective and readily adopted if countries in the region work together. AmeriGEO Week participants will discuss how collaboration among National GEOs, regional efforts, small and medium-sized enterprises and other partners can be strengthened to improve coordination and use of Earth observation solutions in the decision-making process.

Learnings from AmeriGEO Week will inform the development of a new strategy for GEO for the post 2025 period. A dedicated in-person side event on the “road to a post-2025 strategy for GEO” will take place on 16 August at 15:00 PYT to seek input from the AmeriGEO community. The event will help to shape an innovative GEO that is fit for the future and meets the needs of its members.

AmeriGEO Week 2022 is hosted by AmeriGEO, the Paraguay Space Agency and the Universidad Americana Paraguay. Participation is possible in person or virtually. Please register at

Human Migration in Focus: EO for Resilience and Equitable Development