Advanced Streamflow Data Now Available Publicly in the Cloud, Opening a New Era for Water Management
17 May 2024

Advanced Streamflow Data Now Available Publicly in the Cloud, Opening a New Era for Water Management

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  • Advanced Streamflow Data Now Available Publicly in the Cloud, Opening a New Era for Water Management

In the context of growing concerns about climate resilience and the need for effective water management, having reliable hydrological data is crucial. GEOGLOWS (Global Earth Observation for Water Sustainability) is stepping up to the challenge with the release of its Version 2.0 Streamflow Forecast Data, now publicly available on AWS Marketplace. This latest release promises improved accessibility and enhanced features for users worldwide, supporting better water resource management.

What's new in GEOGLOWS V2.0?

GEOGLOWS V2 datasets are now stored in AWS S3 buckets, thanks to the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Programme. This means the data is free to download and accessible without registration, making it easier than ever for users to obtain the information they need. The new version expands coverage to a staggering 7 million river-reach global network. Additionally, users can now bulk download extended historical and forecast data.

Why this matters

GEOGLOWS V2.0 offers vital tools for researchers, policymakers, and communities to improve water management and help mitigate the impact of extreme weather events. By providing detailed, easily accessible streamflow forecast data, GEOGLOWS helps governments and decision-makers mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events and supports sustainable water resource management globally.

For those interested in exploring these powerful resources, comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and download instructions are available at Whether you're a seasoned hydrologist or a community planner, GEOGLOWS makes accessing and utilizing hydrological data straightforward and user-friendly.


The GEOGLOWS Initiative has been continually led and supported by several organizations, including NOAA, NASA, NGA, AWS, CNES, the World Bank, Esri, Brigham Young University, and Aquaveo, with the underpinning forecast data provided by ECMWF and with the implementation of the TDX Hydro river network in collaboration with the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), increasing coverage from 1 million to 7 million streams and rivers worldwide.

GEOGLOWS is the initiative of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) dedicated to global water sustainability and advancements in hydrological science, with a focus on the development and implementation of open forecasting systems for water on a global scale. GEOGLOWS plays a vital role in addressing and mitigating complex challenges in water resource management across diverse geographical regions. The GEOGLOWS Streamflow Service uses a Hydrologic Modeling as a Service (HMaaS) approach, which centralizes the cyberinfrastructure, human capacity, and other components of hydrologic modeling using the best forecasts and expertise available, along with the latest advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Media inquiries can be directed to Amber Kremer with the GEOGLOWS Secretariat: To learn more about GEOGLOWS 2.0 and employ the updated GEOGLOWS tools and applications, visit the following link: