Statement of the People’s Republic of China

As one of the GEO Co-chairs, China has committed to the implementation of GEO 2016-2025 Strategic Plan and made efforts to promote the development of GEO Post 2025 Strategy. In recent years, China GEO achieved series of progress:

  • Reinforced the national coordination mechanism
  • Successfully held series activities such as the first China GEO Conference
  • Contributed to GEO community innovation ideas, public products, GWP activities and capacity building

Leveraging Earth Observations

China has utilized EO to establish daily monitoring and operation systems to support decision-making in numbers of fields:

  • Build EO data sharing platform: forming a comprehensive EO system consisting of public funded observation systems and commercial observation systems, and promoting open circulation of data nationwide
  • Construct knowledge hub: promoting open knowledge, forming a professional knowledge processing system supported by data systems, and producing analytical results that non-professionals could also understand
  • Build implementation process and standardized system: improving the credibility of Earth observation analysis results and enhance level of decision support

AOGEO & Capacity Building

As the co-chair representing AO region, China has always supported regional GEO activities engaging capacity building to close information gap and digital divide.

  • 6th AOGEO Workshop held in May in Macau, China
  • 3rd AOGEO Training Workshop held in June online
  • AOGEO academic seminar and training program held in Sept. in Kathmandu, Nepal


China is willing to cooperate with the global GEO community to embrace Post 2025.

  • Developing Earth Intelligence for All, practicing the GEOSS concept, actively promoting extensive cooperation among government, private sector and civil society
  • Practicing the concepts of open data and open knowledge, and contributing data, knowledge, models, systems, and service tools to the GEO community
  • Promoting facility connectivity and elements integration, and providing a comprehensive EO system platform through a wider data network and more convenient solutions to enable more governments, organizations, and the general public around the world to fully understand and apply EO results

Enabling more countries to improve their capabilities and access to EO data and knowledge resources to tackle urging problems.