Group on Earth Observations – GEO Week 2022

Statement of the People’s Republic of China

In 2022, China has as always worked closely with global GEO community to support GEO priorities with various EO data and tools.

National GEO 

The First China GEO Conference was held in Beijing from September 8 to 9. The joint gathering aims to promote EO community in China to further participate in GEO activities. Over the past 10 years, China has worked with GEO member to offered EO services and products. In this way, China is actively fulfilling its commitment of building a shared future for humankind.

Regional GEO & Capacity Building

AOGEO has attached great importance to capacity building. The 5th AOGEO Workshop was held online with more than 130 participants from 16 countries. Under the theme of “Harmony and Empowerment: Accelerate Action and Development”, 2022 AOGEO Announcement was published to uphold synergistic development and jointly tackle global challenges. 2022 AOGEO Training Workshop expanded AOGEO's capacity building network to Africa and America this year, with the participation of more than 600 young scholars from 40 countries. The workshop has formed a set of excellent training courseware on EO for SDGs.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Established in 2016, Collaborative network on Disaster Data Response (CDDR) is responsible for coordinating the provision of Chinese high-resolution satellite data and disaster analysis products to disaster-affected countries. By October, CDDR has provided information services to cope with 35 major disaster emergency events.


GEOARC advocates analysis-ready open data by integrating multiple EO data to generate common products. GEOARC released 4 annual reports and 41 datasets for ecosystem and environmental monitoring to support GEO priorities. The CropWatch team of China has been conducting remote sensing monitoring of agricultural and providing public information sharing services on agricultural monitoring since 1998 for the effective assessment of the realization process of SDGs. CropWatch will follow GEO's strategic vision to further advance the accessibility and EO application to decision-making for the benefit of humankind.