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Dr. Searby manages the NASA Headquarters Earth Sciences Capacity Building Program in Washington DC, USA. Nancy champions applying Earth Science data to decisions and actions that improve society. Training, prizes and challenges, feasibility projects, and services co-development strengthen individual and institutional capacity In the United States, in and through regional networks in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and globally to improve environmental resilience and address equity and environmental justice. She participates in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), the regional AmeriGEO, and serves as Co-Chair of the GEO Capacity Development (CD) Working Group (WG), Co-Chair of the Inter-American CD WG, Co-Chair of the USGEO International Activities Working Group, and NASA representative on the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites’ WG  on Capacity Building and Data Democracy. She is one of the founders and part of the leadership team for the Earth Observation Training Education and Capacity Development (EOTEC DevNet), a network of networks of capacity development experts around the world.

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