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Dr. Bai is a full professor in Earth and Space Informatics in the Department of Earth System Science at Tsinghua University. His primary research interests lie in spatial data infrastructure and its applications in land cover mapping and environmental health. 

He has been actively involved with GEO since the beginning of 2007, previously serving as the task lead for the GEOSS Component and Service Registry. Additionally, he was a member of the GEOSS Infrastructure Implementation Board and GEOSS-EVOLVE. Currently, Prof. Bai holds the position of an alternative member on the GEO Programme Board, a member of the Post-2025 Working Group, and is actively engaged with the Climate Change Working Group.

In addition to his involvement with GEO, Prof. Bai actively participates in ISO and WMO/WCRP. He serves as the convener of Working Group 7 of ISO/TC 211 and is a member of the WCRP WGCM Infrastructure Panel.

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