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Events Involvements & Statements

  • GEO Week 2023

    10 Nov 2023 Cape Town, South Africa, Republic of

    Switzerland plans to introduce a law that facilitates the Use of Electronic Means for the Fulfilment of Government Tasks. It will promote the electronic exchange of Federal business processes. This also includes interactions of authorities with businesses and the population and defines principles for the royalty-free licensing of software (open source software) and for the publication of data of the administration for free use (open government data). This is in line with the principles of the 2023 Cape Town GEO Ministerial Declaration.

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    Petra Zimmermann

    Vice-director of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, GEO Principal
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    Since 2023, the Swiss Data Cube has partnered with the Brazil Data Cube team to initiate the development of new methodologies for the production of consistent and reliable yearly, medium-to-high resolution (spatial, temporal, thematic) time-series of Land Cover data across Switzerland to inform national environmental/territorial policies and planning.

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    Dr. Gregory Giuliani

    Senior Lecturer/Head of the Digital Earth Unit, University of Geneva & UNEP/GRID-Geneva
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    The MRI is pleased to continue co-leading and hosting GEO Mountains and support its goals as part of the GEO vision. Though our series of in person regional workshops throughout 2023-2024, we bring together the respective regional research and operational monitoring communities to explore opportunities for creating networks of mountain observatories, exchange data and capacities, and identify joint projects that help improve prospects for data and information access and use.

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    Dr. Carolina Adler

    Executive Director Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) Co-Lead, GEO Mountains
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