Geo at a Glance

Geo at a Glance

What is GEO?

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is a global collaboration dedicated to understanding our Earth in all its complexity. As a collaborative intergovernmental body, GEO is dedicated to co-producing user-driven Earth Intelligence solutions. By collecting and sharing vital information, ranging from satellite images of forests to oceanic temperature readings and beyond, GEO provides a comprehensive view of our planet's well-being, allowing us to monitor and safeguard its health. These are not just datasets; they're the tools that inform decisions, shaping policies and initiatives worldwide that guides society towards a sustainable future.

Why GEO?

Our planet faces challenges that don't stop at borders. From the pressing issues of climate change, the alarming loss of biodiversity, to the widespread pollution affecting our lands, skies, and seas, there's much at stake. While the challenges are integrated, the global response often remains fragmented. Among the ever-growing flood of information and data sources, there's a noticeable gap in cohesive global partnerships. This is where GEO steps in, striving to unify these fragmented efforts and championing inclusivity in seeking holistic solutions for global challenges.

How GEO works?

At its core, GEO is a cooperative forum and operates through collaboration among its member countries and participating organizations, each with their unique perspectives and data sets. By sharing this wealth of information and research, we ensure that decisions made for Earth's future are based on the best available knowledge, fostering an all-inclusive user-centric approach to planetary care.

GEO achievements:

Through the collaborative spirit of GEO, we've accomplished much more than would be possible individually. We've developed a deeper understanding of climate change dynamics, accelerated global responses to disasters, and worked tirelessly to ensure that our planet's health metrics are available and accessible to all. These collective achievements are milestones in our journey to a more sustainable world.

Why partner with GEO?

Becoming a partner with GEO is an opportunity to join a forward-thinking global community. It's not just about access to a vast reservoir of Earth data, but also about being part of a movement, a collective ambition to ensure our planet thrives for generations to come. By partnering, organizations, countries, and individuals amplify their impact, gain insights from global experts, and contribute to a shared vision of a brighter, sustainable future for all.