Monday 15 June 2020

Earth Observations for COVID-19 Response and Recovery
13:30-15:00 CEST   07:30-09:00 EDT   21:30-23:00 AEST

Earth observations offer real-time information that can advance scientific inquiry, inform health decision-making, and enhance interventions to address emerging global health challenges. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GEO Health Community of Practice has taken action to leverage global expertise, share resources, and discuss priorities and challenges across geographic regions. This session will highlight the value of this global network, present scientific approaches and preliminary findings, and provide recommendations that support Earth observations for public health applications.

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Questions and answers from the session participants:

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  • Introduction to the GEO Health Community Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Examples of GEO Health Community Research on COVID-19:

Hydrometeorological Sensitivities of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Earth Observation

By Ben Zaitchik

Exploring COVID-19 Seasonality in South Africa

By Francois Engelbrecht

JAXA’s Earth Observation Activities on COVID-19

By Osamu Ochiai

Geospatial Information Systems in Central America and the Regional Response to COVID-19

By Jorge Cabrera Hidalgo

Products and Resources for Decision Makers:

Copernicus Activities in Support of Investigating COVID-19, Air Quality and Climate Connections

By Vincent-Henri Peuch & Carlo Buontempo

COVID-19 Response Powered by Shared Geospatial Resource Hub and Collaboration

By Este Geraghty

Resources for the Community – Facilitators

Q&A Session

Conclusion & Next Steps



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