The work of GEO is now more relevant than ever, bringing together our global network of government agencies working on science, technology, policy and decisions for action. Our activities include advocacy for free, open and timely sharing of Earth observation data, information and knowledge. Working on public private partnerships to enable low and middle income countries to take advantage of funding grants, free licenses and cloud computing credits to work with state-of-the-art science and technology to gain knowledge and experience, but under no obligation.

At the same time the GEO Work Programme has scores of activities that are actively transitioning from research to operational services by fostering a collaborative culture to address pressing community needs. GEO is working on the development and strengthening of the capacity and capabilities of regional communities to collectively transform decision making informed by Earth observations.

All these efforts are supported by the GEO Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. A small team supported by your voluntary contributions. This team works with GEO Members, Participating Organizations and Associates, as well as with the GEO Programme Board and the GEO Executive Committee to fulfil the vision and mission of GEO. We ask the GEO community to make a pledge for the 2022 financial contributions to the GEO Trust Fund to support the work of the GEO Secretariat. For the year 2022, we are aiming to reach CHF 5.6 million (Swiss Francs).

Please support the GEO Secretariat so that we can support you!