Building a Great Green Wall Across Africa.

Blog / Nabil Ben Khatra / December 1, 2016

Great Green Wall on map of Africa
Great Green Wall on map of Africa

The Great Green Wall is a transcontinental programme for Africa, to plant trees in a 15 km wide band across 12 countries, stretching for 7,000 km across one of the most difficult places to measure on the planet.

The Great Green Wall should increase reforestation, reduce soil erosion, develop and diversify agriculture and conserve plants and biodiversity. The Pan-African Agency of the Great Green Wall is responsible for planning and monitoring. My organization, The Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), based in Tunisia, is leading on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

All the technical and financial partners involved in the definition, implementation and evaluation of activities for land rehabilitation and conservation under the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative expect to rely on trusted, standardized systems for monitoring and evaluation of progress against agreed-upon objectives.

OSS is tasked with the development of geospatial applications and capacity building with national partners on questions linked to monitoring and evaluation. We developed an online geoportal giving access to thematic data with spatial references for technicians in charge of management of natural resources at national program level.

OSS has also developed geographic information systems for all SAWAP* national programmes, consisting of a planning tool to help decision making and the development of spatial data for follow up of activities.

OSS has produced a mapping of land use with the latest data of 30m resolution, covering the whole of the 12 countries in the SAWAP program. We’ve also produced a training kit for monitoring and evaluation which is used to support capacity building activities for managers and technicians for the national projects. Mapping national project sites at a scale higher than Sentinel2-MS data is planned for 2017.

We’re pleased OSS was approved as a Participating Organization of GEO at the GEO-XIII Plenary in November 2016. For us, one of the biggest advantages of GEO membership is to be in contact with experts, data providers and Earth observation initiatives at the international level. This means we can share experiences on the approaches and environmental surveillance techniques involved in remote sensing.

We’re also looking to GEO for promotion of Earth observations techniques and data use in the Sahara and to support and reinforce the capacities of partners and institutions in member countries.

*National projects implementing the Great Green Wall are supported by the Sahel and West Africa Program (SAWAP) through the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility (GEF). OSS is responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation, (M&E) under the BRICKS 12 country regional knowledge and monitoring hub. BRICKS is run in partnership with the Permanent Interstates Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) and IUCN.

Nabil Ben Khatra, Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (OSS)


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Nabil is coordinator for the environment programme at OSS



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