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About us

The Climate Change Working Group (CC-WG) is convened to develop and implement a comprehensive GEO climate change action strategy to advance the use of Earth observations in support of climate adaptation and mitigation. This includes actions related to the pillars of the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

Duties involve improving coordination and uptake of GEO Work Programme activities relevant to climate change, support countries’ action within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and strengthen the collaboration with GEO’s partners in the climate domain.

The CC-WG will support the translation of the Canberra Declaration into concrete actions within the GEO Work Programme, and ultimately drive actions to promote the GEO climate engagement priority.

The CC-WG is composed of almost 100 members covering a wide range of countries. Also the typology of members varies widely, including government, academia, UN agencies and intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, and the commercial sector.


Climate Change Working Group Co-Chairs

Four co-chairs are elected, selected by and from the CC-WG members, representing a balance of gender, geography, and generation. Each co-chair leads a designated subgroup and is supported by deputy chairs in their role.

Virginia Burkett


Mark Dowell


Lucia Perugini


Angel Alberto Valdiviezo

Angel Alberto

Sub groups

Four subgroups are established to run the work of the CC-WG:

Data Working Group Subgroups

  • Data Ethics - Subgroup Leaders: Lea Shanley and Stefano Nativi
    • Subgroup Work Plan
  • Data Sharing and Data Management Principles: Subgroup Leaders: Kamila Kabo-bah and Chris Schubert
    • Subgroup Work Plan
  • In Situ Data- Subgroups leaders: None
    • Subgroup Work Plan

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