Water Ecosystem. Photo by Sava Bobov


Work Plan

1st Convening meeting
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The Atlas project is a public-private collaboration convened and coordinated by GEO. The GEO Secretariat will act as the project manager and secure adequate, dedicated financial resources and services for the project. GEO will establish an "Atlas Consortium," in accordance with UN rules, of qualified partners to lead and oversee the production of the Atlas.

Under the guidance of the Atlas Consortium, necessary committees and working groups will be created to support the production process and manage a system for inputs by all relevant stakeholders, in particular the GEO networks, the scientific and academic communities, nature advocates, and friends of the Atlas. To facilitate a productive, multi-stakeholder exchange, including with potential Atlas users, the committees and groups will be composed in a multi-disciplinary fashion.

To ensure operational sustainability, the GEO Secretariat is exploring innovative financing mechanisms to fund licensing, platform operations, and maintenance over the long-term.

More details about the workplan will be provided at a later date.

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