What next for Polar research?

25 April 2017

What are the most important issues in Polar Regions that should be solved by future research? EU-PolarNet, the world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research want to hear your views.

This survey will provide strategic science policy advice to the European Commission, The European Polar Board and other international bodies.

EU-PolarNet and a group of 50 polar experts and stakeholders are working together to develop a set of polar white papers. These white papers will provide a state of the art for a range of societal relevant polar issues and outline possible approaches on how to address these.

A brief anonymous online survey asks participants to identify challenges and opportunities arising in the Polar Regions, which should be solved by future research.

Answers will build a fundamental basis for the white papers, which - once completed - will be given to the European Commission and other funding agencies as recommendations towards which issues need further investigation.

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