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2 March 2017

Open Data Day: Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Value of Open Data Sharing
The Value of Open Data Sharing

Sharing Earth observation data brings a multitude of environmental, societal and economic benefits. Examples of these are explored in a White Paper prepared for the GEO Plenary by the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), a GEO Participating Organization.

Through showcasing the advantages of open Earth observations data, a persuasive argument is articulated in favor of the transition from restricted data policies to more open policies for government data.

Opportunities from open data include supporting broad economic benefits and growth, enhancing social welfare, growing research and innovation opportunities, facilitating knowledge sharing among a new generation of scientists and effective governance and policy making.

Exponential growth in the coverage, frequency and resolution of  Earth observation data acquired in public  projects, should be openly accessed. Only then can this government funded data realize its full potential to ensure better decisions are made through the data revolution.

GEO’s Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) hosts Earth observations and environmental data from GEO Members and Participating Organizations,  but despite revised GEO Data Sharing Principles for 2016-2025, not all Members provide open access and unrestricted use of data in GEOSS. This White Paper makes a case that they should set their data free.

The Value of Open Data Sharing is a living document. To contribute comments to the authors, please contact:

  • Simon Hodson, CODATA, simon@codata.org
  • Paul Uhlir, CODATA, pfuhlir@gmail.com
  • Wenbo Chu, GEO Secretariat, wchu@geosec.org



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