Survey on Earth Observation Capability for the African Union.

2 November 2016

Remote sensing for Africa
Remote sensing for Africa
Remote sensing for Africa
Remote sensing for Africa

A survey on Earth observation has been launched, which will contribute to the African Union Space Programme Earth Observation Capability Audit.

The African Space Policy and African Space Strategy was approved by the African Union (AU) Summit in January 2016. An additional resolution of the AU Summit, mandated the AU Commission, through a formal AU Space Working Group (AUSWG), to develop an Implementation Plan and Governance Framework for the African Space Programme.

The roadmaps for the development of the Implementation Plan and Governance Framework are complex. These instruments straddle the thematic areas of (i) Earth observation, (ii) navigation and positioning, (iii) satellite communications, and (iv) space exploration.

The Implementation Plan and Governance Framework are required to focus on sixteen key priority areas that are considered germane to the socio-economic development of the African continent, namely:

  1. Disasters,
  2. Health,
  3. Energy,
  4. Climate,
  5. Water,
  6. Weather,
  7. Ecosystems,
  8. Agriculture,
  9. Biodiversity,
  10. Peace, safety and security,
  11. Human migration and settlements,
  12. Education and human resources,
  13. Communications,
  14. Trade and industry,
  15. Transport, and
  16. Infrastructure.

Specifically, the development of a robust yet pragmatic Implementation Plan for the African space programme relies on access to appropriate information. For this reason the AUSWG has embarked on a process to perform a space technology capability audit on the African continent in the various thematic areas.

In addition, an in-depth analysis will be conducted, in consultation with lead users on the continent, for the sixteen key priority areas listed above. In this regard, stakeholders in Africa are invited to complete the questionnaire for Earth observation and to forward the link to others who may be interested.

The deadline for submission of this audit is 15 December, 2016.

Your cooperation and support is vitally important for determining the future focus and trajectory for the African Space Programme and we greatly appreciate your active participation.

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