About the art competition

At the Group on Earth Observations, our mission is to protect Mother Earth. To protect her means to understand her; to understand her, we measure and monitor her vitals and translate this important information into helpful tools that help you, your governments, and businesses make smart and informed decisions. We use technology in space, in the air, underwater and on the ground as our eyes and ears. 

With our first-ever GEO Art competition, we invite everyone to share with us through art what you See,Hear and Feel living in your community, or your town, or your country, or our beautiful Mother Earth. Students, scientists, artists and art enthusiasts, send us images of your sketch, drawing, painting, photograph or video to show how you connect with the theme Mother Earth, I See You, I Hear You, I Feel You.

Three distinguished judges will select the winners of this first ever GEO Art Competition. Winners will be announced on 26 November 2021 during the closing ceremony of GEO Week 2021. Exciting awards await our winning artists! All entries will be displayed in GEO’s “Observing the Earth” FlipBook to promote our understanding of our planet Earth.

The judges

Claudio Muñoz


Jeremy Donovan


Nicole Stott


Competition Results

The winners were announced on 26 November 2021, during the GEO-17 Plenary Session 5.

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