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(2-4 May 2016, Geneva, Switzerland)
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 Capacity Building Forum (Mon 2 May 2016: 12h30-14h00)
 GCI Workshop (Thu 5 - Fri 6 May 2016: all day)
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 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sustainability
 Disaster Resilience
 Energy and Mineral Resources Management
 Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
 Infrastructure and Transportation Management
 Public Health Surveillance
 Sustainable Urban Development
 Water Resources Management
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GEO Initiatives

GEOGLAM-Global Agricultural Monitoring and Early Warning
GEOBON-Global Biodiversity Observation
GFOI Global Forest Observation Initiative
Global Observing System for Mercury and Persistent Organic Pollutants (PoPs)
Global Carbon Observation and Analysis System
Reinforcing engagement at regional level: AfriGEOSS for Africa
Ocean and society - Blue Planet
GEO Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories (GSNL)
Global Wildfire Information System
EO data and renewable energies
Information Services for Cold Regions
Integrated Information Systems for Health (Cholera, Heat waves)
Integration of Methods for Air Quality and Health Data, Remote Sensed and In-Situ with Disease Estimate Techniques
GECO: the GEO Global Ecosystem Initiative
GEO-GNOME Initiative: GEO Global Network for Observation and Information in Mountain Environments
GEO-DARMA = Data Access for Risk Management
Global Urban Observation and Information
Earth Observations in Service of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
GEO Global Water Sustainability (GEOGLOWS)
Human Planet Initiative
Asia-Oceania GEOSS –Asia-Oceania regional comprehensive earth observation application system

Community Activities

Global Land Cover
Land Cover for Africa
Access to climate data in GEOSS
Strengthen collaboration between GEO and GFCS
TIGGE (Thorpex Interactive Grand global Ensemble) evolution into a Global Interactive Forecast System (GIFS)
EO data and mineral resources
Integrated Water-cycle Products and Services
Water Vapor and Clouds (and Aerosol and Precipitation)
Evapotranspiration (and Evaporation)
Soil Moisture
River Discharge
GEO Water Quality
Water Cycle Capacity Building
Global Drought Information System (GDIS)
GEO Great Lakes Activity
Water Cycle Integrator (WCI)
E2E Water Indicators
Total Water Prediction: Observations Infrastructure
Linking water tasks with wider societal benefit areas and the post-2015 global development framework
Space and Security
Earth Observation in Cultural Heritage documentation
Africa Global-scale Geochemical Baselines for mineral resource and environmental management: Capacity-building phase
Towards Chinese tsunami mitigation system under GEO framework
Foster Utilization of Earth Observation Remote Sensing and In Situ Data for All Phases of Disaster Risk Management
Global Flood Risk Monitoring
Using Geospatial Data to Identify and Monitor Ecosystem Service and Track in a Natural Capital - Ecosystems Accounts Framework
Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Early Warning System
For Global Mangrove Monitoring
Research Data Science Summer Schools
Building capacity for Forest Biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific Region
Multi-source Synergized Remote Sensing Products and Services

Foundational Task: GEOSS Development and GCI Operations

Advancing GEOSS Data Sharing principles
GCI Operations
Global Observing and Information Systems
GEONETCast Development and Operations
GEOSS satellite Earth Observation Resources (includes advocacy for continuity)
GEOSS non-space based Earth Observation Resources
GCI Development
SBAs process: Systematic determination of user needs / observational gaps
GEO Knowledge Base development
Radio-frequency protection
Communications Networks

Foundational Task: Community Developments

Capacity Building coordination
Reinforcing engagement at national and regional level
Assess the benefits from EOs and of their socio-economic value
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