GEO-XVI Plenary


The Plenary, GEO’s key decision making body, consists of delegations from GEO’s Member governments and Participating Organizations that meet annually to broaden the impact of Earth observations and deliver on sustainable development, climate change and disaster resilience targets. The 2019 Plenary meeting will be held in Canberra in the same week as the Ministerial Summit.

Key topics will include discussing next steps to deliver on GEO’s strategic Engagement Priorities (UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction), and broadening the impact of Earth observations and GEO, including through:

  • Global, regional, and local impact;
  • Engagement of enabling communities to help deliver on GEO’s vision, such as the tech sector, economists, the financial services industry, and the statistics community;
  • Increasing access to non-satellite datasets, particularly in the context of cloud computing and new architectures for access to data;
  • Endorsement of a new comprehensive three-year GEO Work Programme.

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