GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan / GEO transitional Work Programme 2016

GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan

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The transitional GEO Work Programme 2016

October 2015

The version v3 of the 2015 Work Programme has been issued on 30 September and distribute to GEO Principals for review and confirmation of the contributions identified so far.

The relevant document GEO-XII_15_2016 Work Programme is available and the Community is encouraged to review it, to identify additional contributions and improvements, and to interact with GEO Principals so that they could confirm them for inclusion in the 2016 Work Programme.

June 2015

The process to develop the transitional GEO Work Programme 2016 was activated in April 2015.

The document ExCom34_06_GEO Transitional Work Programme 2016 contains the initial draft of the Work Programme, explains how it was prepared, and indicates the steps  for finalization and submission to Plenary by the end of September.

There is still a lot of work to do to integrate the proposals received into an intermediate draft, which will be issued by 31 August for GEO Principal's review.

From now to the end of August the main Secretariat activity will be to work in close cooperation with the proposing teams in order to consolidate the description of each activity and to identify the associated resources.