GEO-XII Plenary & Mexico City Ministerial Summit

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

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GEO-XII Draft List of Partcipants

Side Events

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Giovanni Rum,

Executive Committee Agenda & Documents

Chair: European Commission
10 November 2015
Registration at 09:30
Convene at 10:00

  • General Business
    • Adoption of Agenda (ExCom Document 1) (for decision)
    • Report of the 33rd Executive Committee Meeting (ExCom Document 2) (for information)
    • Draft Report of the 34th Executive Committee Meeting (ExCom Document 3) (for decision)
    • Review of Actions from Previous Meetings (ExCom Document 4) (for decision)
    • Update on Secretariat Activities (Presentation)
  • Report from GEOGLAM Advisory Committee (Presentation)
  • Review of Applications for the GEO Programme Board and Recommendation to Plenary (ExCom Document 5) (for decision)

Coffee at 11:00, Reconvene at 11:30

  • Participating Organisations and Observers
    • Revised Criteria for Observers, Participating Organizations, and Moratorium (ExCom Document 6/Plenary Document 14) (for decision)
    • Review of Pending Applications for Observers and Participating Organizations (ExCom Document 7) (for decision)
    • Delegation to Executive Committee of Authority to Approve Applications for Participating Organizations and Observers (ExCom Document 8) (for decision)
  • Commercial Sector Engagement in GEO (ExCom Document 9) (for discussion)
  • Executive Committee Foreword to the GEO Strategic Plan (ExCom Document 10) (for decision)
  • Secretariat Staffing Plan (ExCom Document 11) (for discussion)
  • Secretariat Operations Report (ExCom Document 12) (for information)

13:30 Lunch, Reconvene at 14:30

Coffee at 16:00, Reconvene at 16:30

    • Updates to Rules of Procedure (Plenary Document 17 Revision 1 & Revision 2 – for decision)
    • 2015 Report of the Executive Committee (Plenary Document 18 – for decision)
    • 2014 Financial Statements and Report of the External Auditor (Plenary Document 19 – for decision)
    • Interim Report on Income and Expenditure (Plenary Document 20 – for information)
  • Any Other Business
    • Dates of Future Executive Committee Meetings
      • 8-9 March 2016
      • 6-7 July 2016
      • 8 November 2016
  • 18:00 Adjourn

GEO-XII Plenary Documents, Statements & Presentations




Press release - Mexico City, 13 November, 2015: GEO Commits to unleash the power of open data to address global challenges


Statements by Member Countries and Participating Organizations:

A combination of all GEO-XII statements can be downloaded here for quick searches on a specific topic


Presentations can be downloaded from here


Mexico City Ministerial Summit Documents




Photos taken by Kiara Worth (IISD Reporting Services)
Co-Chairs of the Mexico City Ministerial Summit


Opening Remarks by Carlos Moedas - Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, European Commission

Opening Remarks and Closing Remarks of GEO Co-Chair Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, People's Republic of China


Press release - Mexico City, 13 November, 2015: GEO Commits to unleash the power of open data to address global challenges


Statements by Member Countries and Participating Organizations:

Short Video Competition Winners


The winner is:

Ocean observations for the benefit of society (by POGO)



2nd place:

GMOS: Global Mercury Observation System (by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR)


3rd place:

FLOODIS: better flood information in your hands (by Istituto Superiore Mario Boella - ISMB)


Media Coverage


GEO-XII Plenary and 2015 Ministerial Summit

  • IISD Reporting Services
  • Live coverage of GEO-XII, Earthzine
    • “Environmental intelligence starts with our ability to take the pulse of the planet” NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan
    • “Science is fundamental to every decision we make” Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell
    • GEO-XII Launches as WMO Issues Warning on the Dangers of Climate Change
    • Forecasting a Future of User-Accessible Data
    • Where Biodiversity and Well-Being Intersect: A Perspective on GEO BON with Tuyeni Mwampamba
    • GEO at a Moment of Transition: An Interview with Director Barbara Ryan
    • MBON: From Coasts to Oceans and Microbes to Whales
    • Statement by new member Ecuador to the Group on Earth Observations
    • Statement by new member Zimbabwe, to the Group on Earth Observations
    • GEO Government Membership Hits the 100 Mark
    • Pictures at an (GEO) Exhibition
    • Blue Planet and Catching the Wave of Collaboration
    • Statement by prof Rene Garello, President of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
  • Phoenix Sun

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Trade Press

The press coverage in Spanish language, Mexico 8 to 16 November, 2015 totaled almost 10 million impressions.