GEO Update

Participating Organizations gain prominence

Recognizing the valuable contribution of Participating Organizations (POs) in the past decade, the GEO-XII Plenary formally adopted a new governance structure that enables POs to play a larger role in the next decade of GEO.

The GEO Strategic Plan 2016 – 2025 and modified Rules of Procedure outline a new implementing entity: the GEO Programme Board to support the development and implementation of the GEO Work Programme activities. At least 40 percent of the Programme Board members will be from Participating Organizations. Programme Board members are expected to take a ‘whole of GEO’ perspective, working constructively towards common objectives.

Another outcome of the newly adopted Strategic Plan is that three of the Participating Organizations, serving on the Programme Board, will be invited to participate as observers in the discussions of the GEO Executive Committee. The Executive Committee provides the strategic leadership for GEO when the Plenary is not in session.

GEO Participating Organizations are intergovernmental, international and regional in nature, as well as development banks, foundations, non-governmental organizations and not-for-profit associations of commercial entities. Participating Organizations have Earth observation in their mandate, or use Earth observation in formation or services. GEO Participating Organizations span the full value chain from data collection to use. GEO also invites other relevant entities to participate in its activities as Observers.

Find the complete list of GEO’s Participating Organizations here: