GEO Update

GEO Supports WMO Resolution to Increase Openness of Climate Data

GEO Statement at the 17th WMO Congress on the "Draft Resolution of International Exchange of climate data and products to support the implementation of the GFCS"


Mr. President, Secretariat-General, distinguished delegates,

GEO, as an organization that advocates broad open data, fully supports the adoption of the draft resolution by the WMO Congress.

The mitigation of and adaption to a changing climate are now among the highest societal challenges of humankind. However, many aspects of the global climate system are still not fully understood. The systematic and sustained observation of the climate system and the provision of reliable data are of paramount importance to reduce these uncertainties.

We all know that given the scale and complexity of global sustainable development, no single country or single organization can collect all the information for solid decision-making. That is why free and unrestricted data sharing has been gradually accepted as one of the fundamental mechanisms to address the sustainable development challenges.

There is an on-going Open Data revolution we can harness. The trend is strengthened by the G8 Open Data Charter and the UN Data Revolution report released in the last two years, both requesting government data be open by default. Certainly, WMO Resolution 40(1995) and Resolution 25 (1999) have advanced global interoperability in weather and hydrology, respectively. Similar advances can be made for climate studies and services with more open data policies.

In this regard, we applaud WMO and this Draft Resolution which expands the current data policies to include a wider range of climate data and related products. If the draft resolution is adopted, GEO will work with its Members and Participating Organizations to coordinate through National GEO Offices to contribute to the implementation of the resolution.

Thank you.