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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


GFCS - GEO Collaboration

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A recommended action from the 2014 GEO Progress Assessment Report for GEO Members and Participating Organizations is to improve coordination between GEO and the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), and to build linkages at the national and regional level between activities implemented under both frameworks. The GFCS Implementation Plan recognizes GEO as a framework for supporting climate services in the GFCS five priority areas (Food Security and Agriculture, Disasters, Health, Water and Energy) , with an 6 initial focus on six countries (Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Dominica, Moldova, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania) to demonstrate a ‘proof of concept’ for cross-partner collaboration. There are also opportunities for GFCS to collaborate with GEO’s ongoing efforts. More recently, the support for GFCS implementation has been endorsed as a key collaboration area between GEO and WMO at the 68th Session of the WMO Executive Council.

Activities for the period

This task will function as a general mechanism to build synergies between GEO and GFCS. The primary focus is to identify targeted areas in existing GEO activities where collaboration with the GFCS could take place through clearly identified action. The task aims on demonstrating in tangible ways in which GEO activities can be used to help implement the GFCS at the national and regional levels. This will also enable member countries to engage and help develop and implement. Cooperation in potential areas that revolve around the priority sectors will require discussions with the GEO and GFCS leads in those areas (e.g. water, agriculture, health). These discussions will be facilitated by the GEO Secretariat and the GFCS office. Initially, a focus will be given on one or two activities to demonstrate how GEO and GFCS can collaborate. The identified areas may serve as bridging areas and showcase mutual benefits. In addition, collaboration on identifying user and data needs is envisaged.

Future plans

Since climate has become a cross-cutting topic in GEO’s second decade, rather than being a stand-alone Societal Benefit Area, the long-term goal is to build an interface between climate-related activities across the new GEO SBAs and the GFCS priority areas. Appropriate linkages will also be established between GEO and the pillars of the GFCS, in particular with the “Observation and Monitoring” pillar through the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). This will ensure to align and synergize GEO and GFCS activities in a mutually beneficial way.


Contributions are mainly in-kind. Participants will be supported by both the GEO Secretariat and the GFCS office.



Participation will be sought from the GEO and GFCS communities in the areas of agriculture, disasters, energy, health and water. A close link to the GCOS secretariat is essential in order to ensure backing by the GCOS science panels.

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Stefan Rösner




Meredith Muth

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