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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Forest Biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific Region: Capacity Building Phase

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The GEO Strategic Plan (2016 – 2025) includes country capacity building as a Core Function of GEO. Accordingly, the 2016 Work Programme had identified a Foundational Task on Capacity Building Coordination, with an aim to facilitate and coordinate capacity building activities in GEO. It is envisaged that the actual capacity building activities will be undertaken within the three proposed implementation mechanisms, i.e. GEO Community Activities, GEO Initiatives and GEO Flagships. This proposal falls under the third category (viz. GEO Flagship) with the goal of country capacity building in the Asia Pacific Region, taking the societal benefit area of “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sustainability” as an example. The proposed activity aims to develop appropriate approach to enhance Regional capacity to undertake coordinated forest assessments, contribute to GEOSS strategic plans and use the information to develop policy, strategies and programmes by countries in the Region.

Proposed Activities for the period

A comprehensive capacity building strategy paper from Tropical Countries perspective was submitted to GEO on the occasion of Country Capacity Building Review Meeting. Technical support was provided to Forest Survey of India towards initiation of a National Forest Monitoring System, which became operational in July 2016. FAO is providing technical assistance in its planning and implementation. Biodiversity Assessment and conservation planning constitutes an important component of the GOI / FAO Project, which will serve as an example to other countries in the Sub-Region.  

Future plans

Future plans include: (i) Providing training support to Capacity Building for Forest Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation Planning in Asia and the Pacific Region (using GIS/ new-Indian Initiative with FAO support as a practical example); and dissemination of information to other countries of the Sub-Region and Tropics as a whole.


Continuation of past activities at national level is assured as FSI has the mandate for operational implementation of country-wide forest cover monitoring, including biodiversity assessment. FSI has close linkages with Indian Institute of Remote Sensing responsible for providing Training to State Forest Departments, who are responsible for conservation and sustainable management of forests and conservation of biodiversity. It would be most useful, if GEO could assist in implementing a Asia-Pacific Capacity Building Training Course for Developing Regional Standards and Methodology using facilities of UN Centre for Space Science And Technology Education for Asia and the Pacific at IIRS, Dehradun, India.


K. D. Singh (Academy of Forest and Environmental Sciences/India),   


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