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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS)

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Some of today’s most important environmental concerns relate to the composition of the atmosphere. The increasing concentration of the greenhouse gases and the cooling effect of aerosol are prominent drivers of a changing climate, but the extent of their impact is often still uncertain. At the Earth’s surface, aerosols, ozone and other reactive gases such as nitrogen dioxide determine the quality of the air around us, affecting human health and life expectancy, the health of ecosystems and the fabric of the built environment. Ozone distributions in the stratosphere influence the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the surface. Dust, sand, smoke and volcanic aerosols affect the safe operation of transport systems and the availability of power from solar generation, the formation of clouds and rainfall, and the remote sensing by satellite of land, ocean and atmosphere.

To address these environmental concerns there is a need for data and processed information. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) has been developed to meet these needs, aiming at supporting policymakers, business and citizens with enhanced atmospheric environmental information.

Activities for the period

  • In 2017, developments will in particular focus on the uptake of the observational data from Sentinel-3 (aerosol optical depth and fire radiative power) and Sentinel-5p (launch expected in early 2017).
  • In 2017, CAMS is in full operations mode, including:
    • routine operation of CAMS production systems;
    • continuous development of production systems;
    • evaluation and validation of products;
    • communications and interaction with users.
  • The full range of products and services delivered can be searched using the CAMS catalogue: As it is the case for all Copernicus information and data products, CAMS outputs are freely accessible to all.


The overall budget of CAMS is of the order of €12.0mil per year.



Members: EC.

Participating Organizations: ECMWF.


  • Over 30 institutions from more than 13 countries are currently involved in delivering CAMS.
  • CAMS products and services are produced and delivered partly by ECMWF (mainly global atmospheric composition reanalyses, analyses and forecasts) and partly by providers, which are selected by means of open competitive tendering. The list of CAMS providers (and of their subcontractors) can be found at

Linkages across the Work Programme

Community Activities: AirNow International.

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Vincent-Henri Peuch