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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Chinese Tsunami Mitigation System

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Deterministic Tsunami Hazard Analysis (DTHA) is a simple way to qualitatively assess the tsunami hazard for an interested site which has been widely used in China. However, the method for evaluating tsunami hazard in China now is starting to shift from DTHA to Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis (PTHA). We need a Chinese PTHA method by following the regular seismic hazard analysis methods in China and gave the detailed description of framework. Furthermore, PTHA with the identification of all possible uncertainties in tsunami source parameters will be considered in following step. It is necessary to include the uncertainties associated with PTHA calculations in the processes of generation, propagation and run-up.

The China Tsunami Early Warning Center, now attached to Chinese National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center of State Oceanic Administration, is collaborating with U.S. Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) on building real-time tsunami forecasting system in South China Sea.  China Earthquake Networks consists of quite a number of seismic stations and SOA manages more than 100 marine gauges.

Activities for the period

The research is endeavoring to establish (1) Chinese historical tsunami event catalogue, (2) tsunami numerical tsunami modeling, (3) tsunami hazard analysis methodology and (4) tsunami early warning system.

Future plans

Second year: tsunami numerical modeling, tsunami hazard analysis methodology.

Third year: framework for tsunami early warning system.


Supported by the China National Natural Science Fund.


  • WEN Ruizhi (Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration),


Members: China, Japan, USA.

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Ruizhi Wen