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Water quality monitoring is a large multi-faceted field with many areas that need to be addressed. The GEO Water Quality Community of Practice (AquaWatch) has chosen to focus on transforming data to information based on user needs within this water quality theme.

The mission of AquaWatch is to:

Deliver, on a routine and sustained basis, timely, consistent, accurate and fit-for-purpose water quality data products and information to support water resource management and decision making in coastal and inland waters.

The overall goal of AquaWatch is to produce a global water quality monitoring and forecasting service within 10 years. It is envisioned that this will be accomplished by incrementally completing service-related projects and tasks that will be integrated into the overarching global water quality monitoring and forecasting service.

Activities for the period

  • AquaWatch is beginning the development of a global 300m resolution baseline turbidity and reflectance product for freshwater and coastal areas. Where higher resolution data is available, the product will include additional layers with higher resolution information. Work in 2017 will be focused on the production of this product with additional products being pursued in 2018 depending on the availability of funds and resources;
  • The AquaWatch community is currently producing a booklet highlighting the functionality of prototype projects that include in-situ data, remote sensing data and modeling. The booklet will be used to educate potential end users about available functionality in water quality monitoring and forecasting and spur interest and funding for the development of new AquaWatch prototype projects. The booklet will be completed in early 2017 with the remainder of 2017 focused on acquiring funding for future projects. Depending on available funds and resources, new prototype projects will be identified and started in 2018 and 2019;
  • During 2017-2019, AquaWatch will update its website and produce other outreach materials including brochures, stock presentations and posters. AquaWatch will also work on identifying capacity building activities in 2017 and begin work on these activities in 2018.


AquaWatch is supported part time by a NOAA-funded Secretariat based in College Park, MD. Other support includes the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG) support of the web page. All other support (time, travel) is supported by in-kind contributions.



Over 50 individuals from various organizations including state, federal, and international governmental agencies, private consulting companies, non-profit organizations, nongovernmental organizations and academic institutions.

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