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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Communication and Engagement

Activity ID: 140


This task implements the Engagement Strategy delineated in the Strategic Plan and further detailed in the “Engagement Strategy document” developed by a subgroup of the Executive Committee and submitted to GEO-XIII Plenary for approval. This task uses the outputs and results of the other GEO activities as the foundation for communication and engagement with Stakeholder Communities. The task also develops tools and activities to increase the visibility and awareness of GEO and its achievements.

The main tools to implement these activities will include:

  • Development or updating, and implementation of, an engagement and communications strategy, including  identification of critical partners and targeted stakeholders;
  • development of multiannual GEO Engagement Implementation Plans;
  • continued development of the GEO website;
  • utilization of web-based magazines focused on GEO and Earth observations;
  • development of dedicated Communications material in conjunction with GEO community experts;
  • identifying and arranging GEO’s participation in selected events within and outside the GEO community;
  • organization of dedicated events targeting users and decision makers;
  • utilization of social media;
  • enforcement of the guidelines on the use of  the GEO “brand,” including consistent representation of GEO by its volunteer partners (e.g., use of logo, GEO colors, GEO name); 
  • identify and implement systematic actions to promote and facilitate the uptake of EO in decision-making, in collaboration with GEO Members and Participating Organizations;
  • support GEO Members in establishing and strengthening national coordination mechanisms;
  • undertake active recruitment of new Member and Participating Organizations; and
  • provide information and support to Members and Participating Organizations on how to better engage in GEO and participate to GEO activities.

The task, led by the GEO Secretariat, will be supported by the Programme Board, for the development of the 3-year Engagement Strategy Implementation Plans, and by Members and Participating Organizations for executing the agreed activities, according to the respective roles identified in the GEO Engagement Strategy.

Activities for the period

A 3-year Engagement Strategy Implementation Plan 2017-2019 will be finalized before the end of 2016.  This Plan will be based on the engagement priorities proposed by the subroup mentioned above, reviewed by the Programme Board, finalized by the Executive Committee and ultimately approved by GEO-XIII Plenary.

Future Plans

The GEO Engagement Implementation Plan will be updated every three years, to match the cycle of the Work Programme.


GEO Trust Fund (Secretariat Staff)

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Steven Ramage (GEO Secretariat) -

Katherine Anderson (GEO Secretariat) -

Contributors - To be defined in the multiannual GEO Engagement Implementation Plan.

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