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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Management and Support

Activity ID: 139


This task comprises the overall management and administrative activities performed by the Secretariat, with some additional support from Members and Participating Organizations to ensure the strong functioning of the Organization.

Three kinds of activities are included:

1. Supporting GEO Governance and convening GEO Stakeholders:

  1. Preparation and execution of Summits, Plenaries, Executive Committee and Programme Board meetings, documents preparation and reporting;
  2. Support to Programme Board activities ;
  3. Development of annual Work Programmes;
  4. Development and operation of the Information Technology tools (website, ftp, etc.);
  5. Organization of meetings to make the GEO cooperation framework work, such as the Work Programme Symposium, AP Symposium, etc.;
  6. Support travel of seconded experts dedicated to initiatives/flagships (AfriGEOSS, GEOGLAM);
  7. Support travel of developing countries experts to  GEO-related events;
  8. Performing all the internal activities to ensure a well-functioning Secretariat, including Human and Financial Resources Management.

2. Ensure that the level of resources contributed by GEO Members is compatible with the planned GEO activities and facilitate their effective and efficient use.

3. Support the implementation of Community Activities, GEO Initiatives and GEO Flagships in the various phases of their definition and execution:

  1. Ensure interaction and collaboration among the teams developing CAs, GIs and GFs and the teams in charge of the other foundational tasks, for example with those in charge of GCI operations, so that each activity could benefit from the GEOSS data and information made available through the GCI and that, in turn, there will be an early definition of the arrangements that would allow activity results be accessible;
  2. Support each activity in identifying new potential contributors;
  3. Support the teams in channeling results into the main GEO “processes”, like Progress reporting, M&E, Plenary/Executive Committee documents and meetings andcommunication activities; and
  4. Provide a clear point of reference at the Secretariat for each team.

Activities for the period

  • Organization and execution of the planned activities;
  • Resource mobilization;
  • Define guidelines and practices for resource mobilization for GEO activities; and
  • Engage with international funding organizations to define mechanisms to secure resources for specific GEO activities.

Future Plans

Will be developed on an annual basis along the objectives and activities described in the overview.


GEO Trust Fund (Secretariat Staff).

In kind contributions from the organizers of yearly meetings outside Geneva


Barbara Ryan, (GEO Secretariat Director) -

Patricia Geddes, (Senior Administrative Manager) -


Organizers of yearly meetings outside Geneva.

Secretariat Role

Overall coordination and execution of the activities.

Leadership & Contributors (this list is being populated)

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