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GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Space and Security

Activity ID: 103


The main ambition in the Space and Security domain is to ensure the wellbeing and security of countries and citizens by exploiting suitable space assets and collateral data.

A major objective is the development of capabilities and solutions to enhance:

  • The resilience of the society against natural and man-made disasters;
  • The protection of critical infrastructures;
  • The efficiency in tasks related to border and maritime surveillance as well as to civil protection and humanitarian aid.

An important activity in supporting the primary aims of the Space and Security domain is the provision of geospatial products and services resulting from satellite and collateral data.

Earth Observation data are currently showing an unprecedented scenario in terms of variety, volume, velocity, veracity and value. Moreover datasets to be used for security applications can be composed not only by satellite data but also by data coming from social, open and other sources. Thus the key challenge is to improve the capacity to access and analyse a huge amount of heterogeneous data to timely provide decision-makers with clear and useful information.

 This will be addressed:

  • From a programmatic point of view by building and consolidating a User Community as well as looking for cooperation with key entities;
  • From a technical point of view by implementing relevant solutions.

Activities for the period

Main activities foreseen in the Space and Security Community Activity are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and to organize capacity building initiatives;
  • To establish and foster cooperation with key entities and stakeholders;
  • To collect user requirements and needs;
  • To identify observational and capability gaps to be filled by space assets;
  • To explore how to take maximum benefit from the usage of very large quantities of heterogeneous data (Big Data);
  • To identify, develop and assess innovative applications, services and platforms encompassing the whole data lifecycle;
  • To contribute to the implementation of relevant projects in the framework of R&I initiatives such as Horizon 2020 (e.g. focusing on the “Secure Societies” societal challenge);
  • To build synergies with relevant GEO activities.

Future plans

SatCen will build on its existing network with the aim of enlarging the contributors to the Space and Security CA and thus more in general the EO Community. A number of activities aiming at promoting the Space and Security CA within suitable entities and stakeholders as well as some technical actions are foreseen. The outputs of these activities will allow the building of the Space and Security User Community and the implementation of solutions relevant for this community.


Activities will be carried out on a voluntary basis.


Sergio Albani (SatCen),

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Sergio Albani

EU SatCen



Jerome Bequignon




Gerardo Herrera




Uta Wehn De Montalvo




Rogerio Bonifacio